Training and professional development for staff
Our staff are our most important service providers.
- Silvia Grillitsch
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CSA Staff Academy

The constant advancement, professional training and ongoing professional development of our staff is very close to our hearts. It is important to us that the strengths and talents of every single member are encouraged. We set ourselves shared goals to be a successful and modern skiing school. On this basis, we opened the CSA Staff Academy in 2013. Adapted training opportunities, modern tools for analysis and training plans for the development of technique in all types of ski-sports offer our staff a fantastic grounding.

CSA Talks // Ski instructor training in Obertauern Part 1 (german)
Every week 2 to 3 free trainings for all CSA employees performed by our best CSA trainers.
With our CSA training system, we have already supported many of our employees and thus made the successful completion of further education possible. Many of our employees are now also very successful in other areas and have successfully completed the Austrian Diploma in Ski Instructor Training with the support of this training.
We are particularly proud of the national and international successes of our team, especially the CSA Ladies Demo Team "Blueberries", the European Championships 2018, ISIA-VIZE World Champions and European Champions 2017 in formation driving and bronze medal winners at the European Championships in Formation Skiing 2015.
Achieving success together
Working as a team at the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School

Many members of staff at our skiing school have already completed the State ski-instructor’s diploma and have witnessed enormous development. We naturally want to support this and encourage success in various types of winter sport.

At the CSA Silvia  Grillitsch Skiing School, a large team of experienced ski-instructors awaits our employees, as well as mountain and ski-guides, who will gladly pass on their well-established expertise.

Short presentation of the course of the possible training of the CSA staff academy
1. Review of the initial situation (own ability and goals)


2. Video analysis with technique and tips for improvement


3. Check form - preparation of a goal agreement with the trainer (further education, own skills)


4. Start of the training (twice a week)


5. Modern training plan with different performance groups in technology, giant slalom, freestyle, freeride, avalanche, alpine training and teaching


6. Schedule for progress check and satisfaction with the training


7. Lectures by specialists on topics such as: equipment and new trends in the ski industry, Alpine safety, cross-country and alternative sports


8. Final discussion about the progress made and the satisfaction of the training, possibilities for improvement
Improving your skiing technique with CSA video-coaching
CSA video coaching for staff

Using a tablet, we record motion sequences on skis and snowboards and then analyse the techniques with the help of a drawing tool. Any wrong posture or poor control of the skis can immediately be identified and worked on when played back in slow motion.

In this way, we effectively and professionally improve the technique of each individual. 

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2 to 3 times a week, free training all winter long! 

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In addition, for each employee
  • Professional "on boarding" process in Obertauern
  • Access to our CSA Staff Academy
  • Access to the internal online staff portal
  • Access to the staff Facebook page for rapid communication
  • Access to our company’s Facebook page
  • On-site access to our smartphone tool
  • On-site – 1-day intensive guidance in Obertauern
  • On-site – Allocation of a mentor for the entire season
  • On-site - Enrolment of employees in the CSA Staff Academy
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