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Quality has many faces...
- Silvia Grillitsch
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Our Smiley Company

Here, choreography to rhythmic music is rehearsed and perfected. All information about the members of our successful CSA Women's Demoteam as well as the victory table, images and videos, all press releases and up-to-date CSA Smiley Online Magazine can be found here at a glance! An experienced team are here for you, with the best qualifications. From State-certified ski and snowboarding instructors with diplomas, to mountain and ski guides; trainers, to cross-country skiing and telemark ski-instructors – with us, you and your loved ones are in excellent hands.

Ski-school management

Silvia Grillitsch, BA, M.Sc.

Silvia Grillitsch
Silvia Grillitsch
  • State-certified ski-instructor and ski-guide
  • Managing associate
  • Vice-european champion 2018 and 2019 in formation skiing
  • European champion 2017 in formation skiing
  • ISIA Vice-world champion 2017 in formation skiing


A pool of over 150 staff!

Since in recent years, the national origins of our client base have changed, we have built up a pool of over 150 ski-instructors from various European Union countries and so ski-instruction in our region is a fantastic experience for all our clients.

We teach through the medium of Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Danish, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and of course, English.

CSA Smiley Team
CSA Smiley Team
CSA Smiley Team
A warm welcome in Obertauern
Learn to ski with the CSA Smiley Company

A warm welcome to Obertauern from the CSA Smiley Company – to the skiing wonderland for families and children; leisure skiiers and extreme sports fans!

We love being surrounded by nature and being able to accompany you on your winter adventure – whether on or off the pistes. 

CSA Smileyfact #4

Did you know, that the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School has the largest number of State-certified ski and snowboarding instructors with diplomas?


CSA Smileyfact
The aim of our quality standard is to be the best skiing school in Obertauern!

Regular training and the ongoing professional development of our ski and snowboarding instructors is a norm. Therefore, we can always guarantee the best quality instruction. In-house training, practice runs and new fun methods of learning basic techniques – only practice makes perfect. Extensive experience bears fruit and therefore, we are a competent partner in all fields. Our in-house CSA Staff Academy, established in 2013, is very successful, offering our staff high quality training courses throughout the winter, free of charge. 

CSA Ladies’ Demo-skiing team, ‘The Blueberries’

Formation skiing is the masterclass of skiing. Only top women skiiers can shine in this domain. This passion for skiing, with all its facets and aesthetic aspects may be experienced, as CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School is also represented in demo-skiing. Here, choreography to rhythmic music is rehearsed and perfected.

Would you like to become a ski-instructor?

Do you want to turn your passion into a career? Then, why not apply to be a ski or snowboarding instructor in one of the coolest skiing regions in Austria? We, the CSA Smiley Company, are constantly on the lookout for young, motivated winter sportsmen and women, who would like to pass on their skills.

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