Girl in the CSA snowland
This is what makes skiing fun!
Skidoo driving for kids in Obertauern

Overview of children’s course options

We want to enable our pupils to enjoy a light-hearted skiing holiday in Obertauern; fun and with lots of care, so kids can learn about modern ski sports on two skis. With a wide range of courses, professional aids, CSA children’s adventure worlds and the caring supervision of our ski-instructors, little racers can enjoy an eventful time, full of fun and variety.

Our course options for children
Childminding in your Obertauern hotel

While you are enjoying your sunny day of skiing in Obertauern, we go to great lengths to ensure the wellbeing of your little ones. Trained childminders will spend a lovely time with the kids, painting, making things and playing. In this way, you can relax without a care in the world and savour your skiing holiday to the full.

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