Private ski-instruction for adults in Obertauern
Perfect one-to-one support!
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Private training sessions

Rapid progress through private training sessions

The training is individually adapted to your skiing ability. We focus on where you already are and work together on your skiing style, or make adjustments to your technique so you can have even more fun in the snow. We are happy to provide private sessons, where you will certainly not miss out on any of the fun.

Whether with friends, alone, or with the family - as a competent partner, we know where you need support. Therefore, progress is guaranteed to take place faster. Day by day, your skiing style and ability will improve and you will enjoy your skiing holiday in Obertauern to the full.

Learn skiing or snowboarding on an individual basis...
Individual and personal – private lessons for beginners and the more advanced.
  • Beginner’s tuition in short-carving: A new method for the sportier amongst you, promising rapid progess.
  • Private training for beginners: We will show you how easy it can be to learn to ski.
  • Private training for the more advanced: We will pass on the latest skiing techniques to you, or help you to safely get back on your skis again after a long break from the piste.
  • Private training for the whole family: Do you want to spend your day out with the family and learn something in the process? A joint private course makes this possible.
CSA Video Coaching
CSA video-coaching

Using a tablet, the most important moments of your skiing course are recorded. The advantage is that you can quickly receive corrective tips almost ‘live’, right there on the piste, in the ski-lift, in the lodges, or even in our offices on the big screen. Your ski-instructor will analyse the motion sequences with you in slow motion. With the aid of a drawing tool on the screen, you will immediately be able to identify wrong posture or poor control of the skis. With expert tips, you will effectively and quickly perfect your skiing. You will not believe how easy it can be to learn with INNOVATIVE techniques...

Private lessons with children

For beginners, private lessons are the most efficient way of learning to ski in a short time. With a personal ski-instructor, your children will have a contact person they can trust and therefore, progress will take place all on its own.

Together, we will concentrate on your children’s requirements and demands and respond to them on a completely individual basis. With more advanced children, we perfect technique and skiing style.

Private lessons for children

According to skiing ability and the children’s progress, we will run a tailor-made programme of courses with various types of practice. In an appropriate language for your children and with fun exercise routines, we pass on the basic techniques of Alpine ski-sports and encourage your children.

With a great deal of good humour and an informal atmosphere in CSA Snowland and on the pistes in Obertauern, ski-instruction happens quite easily and simply.

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Private lessons with the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School
  • You specify the time and place
  • We guarantee the most appropriate instructor
  • Easily accessed meeting points in the middle of the ski-resort
  • Free ski-shuttle for all beginners
  • Private telemark lessons
  • Skiing for people with disabilities


Personalised & individualised
We work together on your skiing ability with professional advice and tailored support from an experienced team.

Therefore, you get a bit closer to your goal – whether alone, with your family, or with friends.



Languages of instruction

The CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School is international. Instruction can be carried out in the following languages:

Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Danish, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and of course, English.



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CSA VIP Package

Book our VIP ski-instructors for full support all day, with NO TIME LIMIT. Starting early in the morning with the right choice of skis and going on to a perfect day of skiing, our instructors will be available for you ‘all day’.

1 day ‘Full support package’ € 410,00
Course times & meeting point
Meeting by appointment
Meetingpoint Office of the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School
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