Welcome to the website of the CSA Ski School Silvia Grillitsch in Obertauern and your heroic snow heroes, the CSA Smiley Company team. Become part of the community on www.snowhero.at.
Professional facilities in the kids’ zone
VIP shuttle from and to all hotels in Obertauern.
Skidoo driving for kids
Unique in Austria
The CSA employees academy... with matchless benefits
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500 partner suppliers and 80 ski-instructors

We transport all children free of charge from the hotel to the skiing school and back again. A snowcat which is available at all times will guarantee slope conditions are always perfect on our practice areas and Snowlands and if anywhere ‘burns’, our Ski-Doo is at the scene like a shot. 

The CSA fleet of vehicles:

  • 3 Mercedes buses
  • 1 modern high-performance snowcat
  • 1 Ski-Doo
MINI SKI DOO parcours for kids from 4 years. Please book the mini skidoo ride in advance

Mobility in every respect
The CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School fleet of vehicles

By the way, exactly 532 partner suppliers and up to 80 ski-instructors – the so-called ‘CSA Smiley Company’ – are on hand for maximum fun in the snow.

With our fleet of vehicles, we also guarantee mobility in every respect. Whether as a ski-school shuttle from the hotel to the Skiing School, or as transport on the piste, our vehicles are available for your safety and mobility. It is important for us to make your skiing holiday in Obertauern as pleasant as possible.

Children’s adventure worlds
Skiing courses in CSA Snowland in Obertauern means lots of fun It is not only our transportation which may be noted, but our children’s adventure worlds also deserve a special mention.

With the latest and most innovative training equipment, their own rope-lift, ski-conveyers, ski-carousel, slalom, snow-tubing, etc., they are kitted out with the most modern facilities and offer each pupil the perfect conditions for a successful skiing course.

The CSA Smiley Company

The CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School team consists of around 80 ski and snowboarding instructors, outdoor guides, nursery school teachers and ski and mountain guides. Neither must we forget the many motivated assistants and organisers who do their best, in the offices as well as elsewhere on the premises, to make a day at the Skiing School as varied and appealing as possible.