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Obertauern’s Silvia Grillitsch Quality Skiing School in Salzburg province
“We want to be able to claim we are the best skiing school in Obertauern.
- Silvia Grillitsch
Unique in Austria
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Obertauern’s quality skiing school

The extensive range of courses, infrastructure, modern technology and flexible approach of the ski-instructors provides an ideal basis for an altogether perfect activity holiday in Salzburg Province. It gives us great pleasure to be able to make your stay as varied as we can in Obertauern.

Our quality standards
  • Obertauern’s biggest and best-equipped children’s training area, a dream come true for kids: Snowlands I, II and III – with 3 conveyers, a ski-carousel, cable and platter ski-lifts, tubes, igloos, etc.

  • Our partner-restaurants around Obertauern individually cater for all ski-school pupils at lunchtime.

  • 3 - 4 Skippi buses providing a free ski-school shuttle from and to all hotels in Obertauern.

  • Maximum number of participants in all of our courses: 8 people!
  • Native speakers for Obertauern’s new tourist base, such as Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and many more.

  • The latest off-piste technology: Our guests are kitted out with the most up-to-date airbag rucksacks and Pieps avalanche transceivers.

  • With up to 80 instructors, the biggest and therefore most flexible and high-performing ski-school in Obertauern.

  • CSA staff academy - our own performance booster for our employees
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The CSA value for money philosophy
Ski school management Silvia Grillitsch

We are Obertauern’s quality ski school, with an excellent standard of infrastructure and performance. As our guest, you are the focus of our interest and we guarantee you a fair and reliable price-performance relationship

We are not seeking to be low-cost, so much as to delight you with an outstanding PRICE - VALUE – STANDARD

- Silvia Grillitsch

CSA Criteria for quality

Tourist accommodation is classified with stars, but unfortunately, this is not the case for Salzburg’s skiing schools, so, in order for us to stand out as Obertauern’s quality skiing school and to distinguish ourselves, we have set ourselves criteria for quality:

  • Mini-club for non-skiing children

  • Our very own ski pre-school for mini-skiiers of 3 to 4 years old

  • Children’s beginner classes with a maximum of 8 children per group

  • The No Limits group for first class skiiers – maximum 6 persons

  • Perfect safety equipment for our off-piste skiiers and freeriders

  • we always offer ski courses for children and adults, from the first to the last day of the ski season - just ask us about it!
  • More protection off-piste, with our very own Pieps avalanche transceiver testing station

  • all guests in the off-piste area are equipped with our ABS avalanche backpacks
  • 5 meeting points right at the skiing areas

  • Several offices open every day right through from 08:30 to 18:00. 

  • Personal advice on skiing equipment and tour-planning

  • flexible course booking possible
  • CSA pick up service from and to all hotels in Obertauern
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Our common and ultimate goal is
to delight our guests!
Being active together; having adventures together!

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The company’s mission statement

The most important things in our company are the guests and our staff. We foster open dialogue, offer a fair and cooperative working relationship and expect dedicated collaboration. We are proud of Obertauern – one of Austria’s most attractive winter sports centres. We keep up our team spirit for 150 days out of 150 and work honestly and reliably together, because we know: It is fun being good at what we do.

ONLY in our CSA courses!

A maximum of 8 participants per course are guaranteed!
That is our exclusive quality promise to you!
Only available in the CSA Silvia Grillitsch quality ski school!