Children’s adventure worlds in Obertauern
All children want to go to Snowland – the skiing paradise for kids!
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CSA children’s adventure parks

Snowland I, II & III

MINI SKI DOO parcours for kids from 4 years
in our snowland - the children's paradise!

Room for you, room for us, room for everyone! Adventure, fun and sheer skiing pleasure! Our children’s adventure worlds –Snowland I, II & III– are equipped with the latest facilities and are perfect for a beginners’ course in Obertauern. Not a hint of boredom here!

Our experience and many years of working with children have shown us that on a skiing course, it is not only important to learn how to ski, but CSA Skiing School pupils should also feel good in their environment.

Snowland I  - Skischool Silvia Grillitsch Obertauern
Snowland II - Skischool Grillitsch Obertauern
Snowland III - Skischool Grillitsch Obertauern
Room to let off steam

We have therefore created children’s adventure worlds, which combine fun and learning. With professional equipment, stuff to play with and abundant high spirts, successful learning is guaranteed.

CSA Snowland
The latest facilities for effective learning
CSA Snowland I
  •  Rope-lift
  • Ski-carousel
  • 2 ski-conveyers
  • Snow-tubing
  • Our own snowcat – so that in all weather conditions, your children will have a perfect practice area
  • Igloo for playing in and drinking tea
  • Heated lodges for drinking tea, painting, playing and warming up
  • The latest training gear
  • NEW: MINI SKI DOO course for children from 4 years
CSA Snowland II Pernerlift
  • Platter-lift
  • Lodges for children to get warm
  • Slalom with obstacles
  • Ski-jumps
  • Mogul slope with tricks
  • Our own snowcat – so that in all weather conditions, your children will have a perfect practice session
  • Heated lodges for the children to warm up in and drink tea
CSA Snowland III Seekarhaus
  • 1 ski-conveyer
  • Training material and the latest practice equipment
  • Snow-tubes
Effective and step-by-step...
Our Snowlands have been specially tailored for the needs of little racers - this is our mascot Snowy

With the appropriate facilities and training materials, curiosity and enjoyment are inspired for skiing. Therefore, the first steps on two skis become child’s play. With the teaching support of our ski-instructors, the technical ground rules are communicated and children are introduced step-by-step to the popular winter sport.

Our Snowlands have been specially adapted to the needs of little racers.

Lunchtime supervision

Not far from our kids’ zones are our partner-hotels and restaurants, where individual lunchtime supervision can be enjoyed with food and drink. The children on the skiing courses are naturally accompanied by our ski-instructors at lunch. Balanced nutrition is important for the next course sessions!



CSA Smileyfact #3

Did you know that we have Obertauern’s biggest and best-equipped practice area for kids?

Learn with guaranteed success!
Here, your loved ones will experience unforgettable holiday moments.


CSA Smiley Fact
Guaranteed fun!
Snow-tubes bring fun to CSA Snowland in Obertauern

Sometimes, there are very amusing moments spent frolicking, leaping or swooshing down the mountain in giant loops –snow-tubes! Our mascot, Snowy, is there for everyone enjoying the fun!

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