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Freestyle courses and freeriding with the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School in Obertauern
When skiing was invented,
there were no pistes.
- Silvia Grillitsch
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Freeriding = sheer freedom!

Freeriding can be extreme – but it does not have to be. It is much more about the search for a perfect trail. Only one person will be able to determine the level of difficulty of the descent: the skiier. Back to the roots – when skiing was ‘invented’, there were no pistes; only steep mountain slopes and gentle inclines. Glittering powder snow, freshly fallen and fluffy – these dream conditions offer numerous variations on a descent in Obertauern. Characterised by steep slopes, rock formations and wide fields, the environment is perfect for your freeriding experience with the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School.

Off-piste day
Tour planning TOUR PLANNING
Correct conduct on the descent CORRECT CONDUCT ON THE DESCENT
snow and avalanche awareness CERTIFIED SKI & MOUNTAIN GUIDES 
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TOP OFFER - Variant skiing, incl. equipment
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  • No responsibility will be taken in the case of accidents
  • *Inclusive of equipment: The best skis or snowboards, safety equipment
Course times & Meeting Point
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 - 13:00 
Meeting Point CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School Office
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Off-piste, ONLY in the company of our ski and mountain guides. We cannot guarantee any of the routes listed below. 

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Obertauern offers a wide variety of possibilities for freeriding experiences.
Level of difficulty: medium
distance: 1,6 km

The south-facing freeriding terrain is in the vicinity of the Seekar-cable car. As a result of the many variants and numerous tours that may be selected between the piste descents, it is a diverse freeriding experience for all lovers of deep powder snow.

Watch out for avalanche reports! Only for very experienced freeriders!


Level of difficulty: medium
distance: 2,1 km

In the direction of the Kehrkopfbahn, you will have an easy freeriding tour with few ascents. Due to the breadth of the slopes, you will also still find a great deal of untracked terrain in peak season. Tip: Park your car at the lower Kehrkopfbahn station, because this is where you will arrive on completing your tour.

Watch out for avalanche reports! Basic knowledge is absolutely essential!

Safety first!
A safe skiing experience with a certified ski-guide

For the routes listed above, basic knowledge is absolutely essential! Please call in advance for the current avalanche report!

For a safe descent off-piste, safety is of prime importance. Seek information beforehand on weather and snow conditions, test your safety equipment and make sure the planned route corresponds to your skiing ability.

We recommend one of our certified ski and mountain guides for a safe freeriding experience. Just book your freeriding experience today with the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School.

Individual support from our ski and mountain guides
Freeriding on heavenly powder snow slopes in Obertauern

On booking one of our freeriding courses with our certified and trained ski and mountain guides, you will learn the basic techniques and important information on weather and snow conditions, as well as on special equipment, in as short a time as possible.

Progress may be quickly seen with personal support and you will be able to enjoy your freeriding experience in powder snow to the full.