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Safety tips from the professionals
Your safety is our focus.
- Silvia Grillitsch
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Get safely underway with CSA safety tips

An enjoyable ski-tour or action-packed descent off-piste requires proper planning and good preparation. Weather reports and forecasts, the right choice of stretch and the correct equipment are all important points to be aware of. However, it is not only on the pistes, but also away from them that there are important rules for conduct, which must be respected. As a result, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the thickly snow-covered landscape of Obertauern.

FIS code of conduct

The international skiing association, FIS, sets out a general code of conduct for skiiers and snowboarders. The most important principal is "Take care". Get information beforehand online:

CSA off-piste safety tips

No friends on powder days.

Descents away from the marked pistes are very popular amongst many winter sports enthusiasts, but they are also dangerous.This is why the following points must be taken into consideration:

Safety equipment
  1. Avalanche transceivers, a sensor and a shovel are part of the standard equipment.
  2. Stay adequately informed about avalanche warning levels, altitude and snow conditions.
  3. Keep updated about mountain weather and forecasts!
  4. Pay attention to your physical fitness. Feeling a little unwell? Then it would be better to postpone your tour to another day.
  5. Beware of overrating your own ability! Forget about being cool and brave - prioritise safety instead and the fun that comes from that.
Obertauern, a paradise for freeriders

In Obertauern you will be negotiating treeless terrain off-piste. This means many routes offer a paradise for deep powder snow skiiers  and free-skiiers.


Freeriding checkpoint

Obertauern’s freeriding checkpoint is located in the vicinity of the summit stations of Hochalmbahn and Kringsalmbahn.

Important safety regulations, avalanche warning levels, current weather and forecasts and further important information may be found here at a glance and you will be able to retest your Pieps avalanche device.



Safety first! – Snow and avalanche reports

The weather can change quickly in the mountains! Via the link below, you will discover everything you need to know about avalanche warning levels, danger levels and important things for your day of off-piste skiing. We ask you to take note of these tips without fail.

CSA avalanche training
Monthly CSA Avalanche Training

Every month, we arrange avalanche training with an avalanche transceiver for all ski-instructors at the CSA Grillitsch & Partner Skiing School.

No Limits courses and off-piste experiences
Descent in fresh powder snow in Obertauern

As beginners and inexperienced freeskiiers, you should never go alone into open terrain. We recommend that a ski-instructor accompanies you. Get information about our No Limits courses.

Here, you will learn the correct technique for deep snow and variant skiing.