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  • Ski School ☃ CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School, Obertauern ➤ Children´s skiing courses ➤ Private lessons for skiers & snowboarders ➤ adult's courses ☎ +4364567462
    • Obertauern´s Quality Skiing School Self-imposed criteria for ✶✶ quality and standards ✶✶ will guarantee learning success,fun, with popular winter sports and unforgettable skiing moments.
    • Organisation & Booking Ease of booking courses ✔ optimal organisation of your skiing course ✔ Book your skiing course in advance at the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School in Obertauern
    • Snowland (Playground) Obertauern’s biggest practice area for children with ski-conveyer, ski-carousel, rope-lift and igloos. Faster progress guaranteed with qualified ski-instructors.
    • Areas & Meeting Points The meeting points and Skiing School office are situated right in the middle of Obertauern, or near the ski-lifts and are therefore easy to get to.
    • Facilities Company-owned lifts and magic carpets ensure a fantastic experience on the children’s courses. Free transfers with the ski-school shuttle to the Skiing School.
    • CSA Smiley Magazine ✎✎✎ Announcements & news about current events, trends, offers, new techniques in the Grillitsch Quality Skiing School online magazine, Salzburg province.
    • Images and Videos Come and be inspired by our pictures and videos from Obertauern: Impressions of a typical day in the life of the Skiing School, children’s and adults’ courses and events.
    • CSA Talks- The video series CSA Talks - The video series from Obertauern. Silvia Grillitsch and her team tell and provide information about the snow situation, circumcision, grooming, everyday ski school life and give tips on skiing in Obertauern. Look in!
    • Vouchers A gift voucher of the CSA Skischool Grillitsch in Obertauern is the perfect present ❤ vouchers for freeriding, ice climbing, airboarding for children in Austria.
  • Children ➤➤ Skiing courses for children: ➤ Group tuition ➤ private lessons ➤ Kids’ No Limits courses for the more advanced and youth ➤childminding ...
    • Pre-school for 3 – 4 years Olds ➤ Qualified nursery school teachers at the Grillitsch Skiing School in Obertauern ➤ 3-4 year old mini-skiers learn while making their first moves on skis
    • Children's Skiing Courses ➤➤ Information on children’s skiing courses ➤ ski pre-school ➤ course times & prices ➤ Learn to ski with CSA Grillitsch Skiing School in Obertauern
    • Kids No Limits Action and fun with freestyle, off-piste and mogul slopes, giant slalom or race-carving. Kids’ No Limits courses for advanced skiiers.
    • Youth Freestyle Courses Cool kids and freaks on the scene learn basic tricks and specials with a freestyle course in Obertauern. Courses for freestyle novices and experts.
    • Babysitting Go and enjoy a few precious hours for two while the smallest members of the family are in the very capable hands of our professional childminders. Flexible booking at our Skiing School.
    • All-round Support Easy course booking, lunchtime supervision, childminding in the children’s club – at the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School, your kids will have a fantastic time on their family holiday.
  • Private Come and have private skiing or snowboarding lessons in Obertauern, in Salzburg province ✔ At the après-ski, see out the day of skiing together.
  • Adults ➤➤ Skiing courses for adults ➤ private lessons with friends ➤ so perfect ski technique can be learned with the Grillitsch Quality Skiing School.
    • Adults' courses for beginners ➤➤ Adults’ skiing courses in groups for beginners ➤ Personal support from an instructor, who will focus on your skiing ability.
    • Adults' Courses for advanced ➤➤ Adults’ skiing courses in groups for advanced ➤ Personal support from an instructor, who will focus on your skiing ability.
    • No Limits Courses Special courses for experienced skiiers seeking an off-piste adventure. Mogul slope and slalom-training with experienced ski-instructors.
  • Alternative Even for people who do not ski, our ski-school offers some fantastic options: Snowboarding, cross-country, telemark skiing, snowshoeing, guided ski-tours and action sports.
    • Cross-Country With cross-country skiing, you will experience Obertauern in a classic, traditional way. We will accompany you and give you the correct advice on skating and on the trails.
    • Snowboarding courses This stylish sport is one of the most popular amongst youth and adults. Learn the basic techniques of snowboarding in Obertauern, Austria.
    • Telemark Skiing Old and trendy – This means telemark skiing is all these things at once. Traditional types of winter sport are coming back into fashion. We can help with the correct telemark skiing technique.
    • Ski-Tours Enjoy the peace and switch off – this is what a ski tour in Obertauern promises. With the right gear and tour-planning, you are safely on your way.
    • Freeriding Tour-planning, correct conduct on the descent, introduction to snow and avalanche awareness, and boundless action in Obertauern – Freeriding at Grillitsch Skiing School.
    • Snowshoeing During guided snowshoe hikes at the Grillitsch Skiing School, you will enjoy the natural landscape around Obertauern in Austria’s winter season.
    • Airboarding An extraordinary airboarding adventure in Salzburg province – everything is possible in Obertauern. A top class winter sports location in Austria.
    • Ice-climbing Ice-climbing requires courage, fitness and stamina. The CSA Grillitsch Ski School promises fantastic holiday moments while ice-climbing at Johanneswasserfall.
    • Segway Tours Explore the surroundings of Obertauern on two wheels. With the new Segways, you will train balance in winter holidays in the SalzburgerLand.
    • E-Fatbike Tour Fatbikes with wide balloon tires are perfect for use especially on snow. Guided Fatbike tours with the Skiing courses with the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School in Obertauern
    • CSA Race Camp Learn to slalom-ski, negotiate the giant slalom and learn the best technique for slalom-skiing in competition. The CSA Academy in Obertauern is a competent partner.
    • CSA Special Techniques  Courses for children and adults to improve their technique in variant skiing and carving, with experienced guides from the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School.
  • Events Are you looking for a place to go for a trip or a works outing with your company or friends? The Grillitsch Skiing School has a wide range of group events in Obertauern.
    • Incentives for Groups Regardless of whether it is ski-racing for companies, biathlon or teambuilding events – the Grillitsch Ski School is a competent partner for group events in Salzburg province.
    • Incentives and teambuilding for groups as PDF We are happy to present our highlights from our event program, which we have for many years with renowned companies and companies such as Red Bull, Red Bull Media House, AGRANA, ÖSV, School on Snow, WEBASTO and many more. have successfully completed.
    • Events in Obertauern ❆ Skiing demonstrations, winter festivals organised by the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School ➤ seasonal action make a skiing holiday in Obertauern unforgettable
  • Team ☺ Exactly 532 partner suppliers and up to 80 ski-instructors – the so-called ‘CSA Smiley Company’ – are on hand for maximum fun in the snow. ☺
    • CSA Staff Academy With the CSA Staff Academy, we offer tailored training, exercise in theory, as well as training and ongoing professional development for our skiing and snowboarding instructors.
    • Jobs Are you interested in work with children & adults? ☃ Do you love skiing & the snow? ☃ Apply to team.skischule.co.at or write us ✉ csaskischule.co.at
    • CSA Demo-skiing team Ladies’ Demoteam Blueberries Obertauern ☛ Passionate skiers who are actively participating in formation skiing competitions ➤ Latest European Championships!
  • Infos Contacts, weather and tips for your skiing holiday in Obertauern – the Grillitsch Skiing School is your professional partner in all areas of winter sport.
    • Non-binding enquiry We will be happy to help you. Send us your inquiry and we will send you all information about the ski course offer in Obertauern.
    • Skiing in Obertauern You will find everything, from the conditions on the pistes, to the Obertauern ski-resort and current ski-pass prices for your skiing holiday with family and friends in Austria.
    • Weather & webcams Skiing weather, current temperatures and forecasts for the next day of your holiday in Obertauern, Salzburg province – here, you will find everything at a glance.
    • Safety in the Mountains Get information about current snow conditions and avalanches, read reports and consider important tips for safe sport off-piste.
    • Locations & Directions The Obertauern ski-sports resort is situated in Salzburg province between Radstadt and the Lungau region. At 1752 metres, you will experience top level skiing pleasure.
    • Partners & Friends Many hotels and firms in Obertauern are our partners. Therefore for our clients: More convenient transfers, easy course booking and personal support.
    • Cancellation conditions Important information about your course bookings and information about cancellation conditions as well as price refunds & price losses due to weather-related influences
    • CSA Newsletter With the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School newsletter, you will regularly receive information, tips on events and important dates from Obertauern, Salzburg province.
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  • Magazine Announcements & news about current events, trends, offers, new techniques in the Grillitsch Quality Skiing School online magazine.
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