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Events in Obertauern

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Every year, events in Obertauern attract thousands of visitors to the modern mountain village. From party on the night of the ski-opening, throughout the winter festival, with skiing presentations full of stunts, to unforgettable concerts by national and international stars and musicians - Obertauern ensures a fantastic atmosphere and moments beyond compare.

INTERSPORT Alpenglühen | 18. - 24.03.2018
The hottest ski test in Europe!

At the ski test in Obertauern you have the unique opportunity to test the latest material on the ski and snowboard market. Try skis, snowboards and all winter sports equipment exclusively from renowned and well-known brands. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the INTERSPORT Alpenglühen has something for everyone! In top mood and  with all of your friends, the INTERSPORT Alpenglühen is a unique event on the slopes of Obertauern!

Gamsleiten Criterion | 13th - 15th of April 2018
Gamsleiten Kriterium

"Austria’s biggest treasure hunt in the snow" is looking forward to a whole load of participants for the coming winter season - for the 12th time! The rules of the game are quite simple: Namely, there are 30 treasure chests buried on the slopes of Gamsleiten 2, but first prize is in just one of these famous treasure chests - a new BMW. In the other 29 treasure chests, prices and travel vouchers are hidden!

Have fun searching!

Winter festival 2018
Review Winter festival 2016

Professional skiiers in full swing at the traditional annual Winterfest in Obertauern; demo-skiing with fantastic formations, freestylers with cool stunt performances, speed skiiers on the mogul slopes and much more awaits you – organised and presented by the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School and entire CSA Smiley Company.

We would love to be able to welcome you in the audience. The date for our annual winter festival will be announced.


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