Guided snowshoe hikes with the CSA Grillitsch Skiing School
On the trail of the Eskimos...
Helicopterflights  in Obertauern from EUR 65,00

Snowshoeing "right at the top"

Boundless freedom in Obertauern

Empty your mind – forget the humdrum of everyday life – calm down. Every step will make you feel freer and freer. Unspoiled, limitless nature, as we make our way up – to the summit. Experience nature close up.

We will accompany you on both easy and more challenging snowshoe hikes and show you the most beautiful spots in Obertauern. At our partner sports shops in the village, you will be able to purchase top brands of professional equipment.

The appeal of diversity

Snowshoeing is a fantastic and perfect alternative for non-skiiers. Listen to the sounds of nature; slow down and do your body and soul good at the same time.

Guided snowshoe hikes
Guided snowshoe hikes in Obertauern

For the North American Indians, snowshoes were a means of getting around which was necessary for their survival. For us, they are for experiencing unspoiled, deeply snow-covered winter landscapes. Thoughts of everyday existence come to a standstill and we experience a heightened awareness. Modern snowshoes are characterised by light materials and a sporty design.

Along with snowshoes, winter ankle boots and sticks are basic equipment.

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Snowshoeing is especially suitable for a romantic torch-lit hike through the deeply snow-covered winter landscape in Obertauern. We will sort out the snowshoes for you!

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Certified ski & mountain guides
Geprüfte Bergführer

All snowshoe hikes are conducted by our best and most experienced ski and mountain guides. Therefore, you are always safely on your way and can enjoy your day out in snow-covered nature to the full.

Snowshoeing 1,5 - 2 hours € 36,00 Book nowCSA Skischoolshop
  • Price inclusive of snowshoes
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 persons
  • Price quoted per person
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