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Courses for Telemark skiing

Have you ever seen a telemark skier seem to come down the steepest slopes with ease? Telemark skiing is still the most stylish method of taking bends. The sport originates from Norway. It is characterised by the special technique for the descent. With practice and a basic knowledge of skiing, it is great fun.

Telemark skiing is totally on trend!
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telemark skiingDurationPriceReservation
Telemark skiing per person 2 sessions 123,00 Book nowCSA Skischoolshop
  • Minimum number of participants: 3 persons
  • All prices incl. taxes and fees. 
  • No responsibility can be taken in the case of accidents. 
Meeting & Meeting Points
Thursday 13:00 - 15:00
Meeting point Office of the CSA Silvia Grillitsch Skiing School
Telemark courses
Telemark skiing in Obertauern

This special type of skiing has experienced a revival in the last few decades and is once again totally on trend. The special technique requires practice and coordination. On a course with one of our ski-instructors at the CSA Smiley Company, you will learn the basic techniques of telemark skiing. It is the skiing around bends which makes it special: With this, the valley ski is thrust forward, while the other leg – the mountain ski – remains behind; the knee is pressed down towards the ground and the heel is raised.

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Telemark skiing is easier if you already have some knowledge of skiing and snowboarding. 

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