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Freeriding = sheer freedom!

Ski touring has been gaining more and more popularity among winter sports fans for the last few years. The 280-soul village Tweng belongs to Obertauern and offers perfect and extraordinary trails for all fans of the sport. Popular amongst all connoisseurs of the tours is the Lantschfeldtal, here one peak joins the next. The Lackenspitz with its 2459 m can be also found here and counts as an insider tip. To be able to start a tour safely, you must be informed about the current avalanche situation.

Starting point of the tour to Lackenspitz is at the northern entrance to Lantschfeld, from there, the trail leads about 1.5 hours to Metzgeralm. Through the forest, it goes on to a flattening, where the Wildalmsee is hidden under a thick snow and ice cover. Always keeping to the right, we follow the trail towards the southern flank of the Roßkogel on a saddle. Through an impressive cirque and bizarre rockfall landscape we reach the end of the steep cirque. A beautiful view to the south is reached and let you forget about the burning pain in your strained legs.

You want to conquer this tour yourself? But you have little or no experience with freeride so far? NO PROBLEM - we have the perfect offer for you.

On booking one of our freeriding courses with our certified and trained ski and mountain guides, you will learn the basic techniques and important information on weather and snow conditions, as well as on special equipment, in as short a time as possible. With our course from the CSA Ski School Grillitsch you will receive a personal care, so you can enjoy your freeride experience in the powder snow to the fullest.

For all advanced skiers and those who want to improve their knowledge of snow conditions, correct route choice, materials science, etc., we are the only ski school in Obertauern which offer 4 training modules:

  • Avalanche seminars (course content: avalanche report, wind activity and temperatures, snowpack stability and snow profile, slope and terrain shapes, line selection)
  • Avalanche emergency seminars (course content: behavior in case of emergency, search with probe & shovel, burial-search in group, avalanche-beeping-device, ABS-backpacks)
  • Basic Ski Touring Course (course content: basic handing, materials science, fitting skins, declaration of turnbacks, LVS Check)
  • Skiing course (course content: right choice of line and route, driving technique, off-piste driving, mogul piste practice)


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