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How to find the perfect ski equipment!

They all look pretty, the new skis and ski boots on the shelves of the sports shops. But what does it really matter if you want to buy or borrow new ski equipment? We reveal tips and tricks and clarify what you really need to look out for when you want to buy new boots and skis.

1.| Ski boots
The most important thing about ski boots is the perfect fit. Through the boots, the power of the legs is transferred to the ski - the better the shoes sit, the better the control. An unstable state or too soft a shoe not only worsens the handling characteristics but also increases the risk of falls and injuries.
Basically, keep in mind that the human feet grow by as much as half a point throughout the day as the blood vessels dilate over time. Try on in the morning or at noon with socks!
If the buckles are then closed, it is important that no pressure points arise but the foot still has the greatest possible hold. The best way to test the right fit is to kneel and tilt several times in all directions.

2.| Skis
There are several factors involved in choosing the right skis and the length of the ski: the preferred terrain, the speed, the personal preference for larger or smaller curve radii, and the height and weight of the skier. When a curve is driven, the contact length must be set in rotation. If it is shorter, it costs less force than a long contact surface. Accordingly, a shorter ski is more agile and the longer the ski is, the smoother it reacts. So if you want to drive short, fast corners, you tend to need a shorter ski - if you value comfort, you want a longer one.

Both for ski boots and for skis there are many factors to consider to find the right one. The A and O is therefore the expert advice in a sports shop. We are happy to give you recommendations for your skiing holiday in Obertauern.



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