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Monthly CSA Avalanche Training

Avalanche reports play a significant role and during the planning phase, are the most important source of information for freeriders and off-piste skiiers about snow and the avalanche situation.

Due to the great complexity of the snow-layer, as well as the question mark over the feasibility of knowledge gained through standard avalanche awareness, various experts (Munter) have formulated new approaches to strategic avalanche awareness. The goal of avalanche awareness is to reduce risk as far as possible, with as little effort as possible. Strategies especially offer novices the chance to make decisions and implement strategic concepts. The main component of our training, however, is snowpack analysis, which provides the information required on the construction of the snow layer. 

The avalanche transceiver is one of the central components of our emergency equipment. People who have been buried can still be located as quickly as possible and saved. New technology has revolutionised the devices – digital signal processing, menu navigation, three antennae and multi-functional displays facilitate the discovery of a victim.

In order to guarantee our guests the highest level of safety, despite all this technical progress, it is essential to guarantee that we constantly practice our search techniques, in order to be able to act quickly in the worst scenario.


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