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That's how healthy skiing is for you!

Skiing is not just a popular recreational sport that's incredibly fun, it's also healthy and gets your body and mind going. Especially those who ski regularly can positively influence their bodily functions.

Skiing trains your muscles and improves endurance. Right. But skiing does so much more good for your body and mind. It starts with the elation that skiers feel when they discover the first peaks in the distance. In addition, the activity at higher elevations acts as a freshness cure for the cells, because the body there increases the blood formation. Likewise, the cardiovascular system is required positively, which works well against high blood pressure. Skiing is simply an all-round healthy program for the whole body and mind and feels like pure freedom for the majority of skiers.

Swinging down snow-covered slopes and gliding over the white peaks of the area makes you not only happy, but also demonstrably healthy.

And for it to not become too painful after the first descent, it makes sense to prepare with some exercises of ski gymnastics. And then - follow the call of the mountains and have fun on the slopes!



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