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The best warm-up tips for skiing

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, young or old - warm-up should be part of every skiing day, even if you want to get on the slopes immediately! It not only minimizes the overall risk of injury, but also the likelihood of sore muscles for the next few days. That's why we'll show you simple and effective warm-up exercises which you can do right on the slopes.

1.| Running
A good warm up exercise, not just before skiing but also for other sports, is to run a lap. Due to the weight of the ski boots this is a bit more difficult, but also more effective. If you are on the slopes with a group, you can play a round of catching snow or have a snowball fight. If you don't want to do that, you can also run with the skis on your feet 3-4 minutes on the spot.

2.| Swinging your legs
With this exercise, the thigh muscles are stimulated. Take one leg out of the binding and stand upright. Support yourself with the hands on the sticks and swing the free leg several times back and forth. The weight of the ski boots increases the effect. Then you can also swing the leg laterally in front of the body from right to left.

3.| Jumping jacks
As a third exercise you strap off both skis and make some classic jumping jacks - this activates all body muscles. Jump alternately a straddle and then bring the legs parallel again in the jump. In the straddle hands are clapped together above the head and then put back to the side of the body.
Now let's get on the slopes & into skiing fun!

Varied warm-up exercises are of course also part of the ski lessons in our ski school Grillitsch. Sign up for your ski course right away.


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