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Tips & tricks to make skiing fun for your children

Sure, there are children who can not get enough of skiing and do not want to get off the piste, but especially when the kids make their first attempts on skis, they often fall into the snow, their hands are cold, ... - in short: they are not very happy. So for the first time skiing to not become a fiasco for your kids, we have summarized some tips and tricks for you:

1.| Positive experiences: Create positive experiences early on. Without positive experiences the snow for example only seems cold, icy and easy to fall  down on - that's not fun, of course. That's why the kids should get used to the snow and skis with fun and games, such as funny snowball fights or building a snowman.
2.| Not to force, reward instead: If a child has absolutely no desire to ski, then you should not force it. The motivation comes by itself, if your kid watches other kids ski.

3.| Search motivation in the group: The group course motivates the small racers usually immensely. They love to push each other and the final race is always a great motivation - here they can show what they learned so far.

With these tricks your child will soon be happy on skis. Of course, we also use these cues for our children's ski lessons. The kids should learn to ski with a lot of fun and keep a positive mind - so they later like to go on ski holidays and enjoy skiing with the whole family.



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