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Which ski suits you best?

Since you can not use all skis equally well for every surface and every purpose, you have to think about where you want to go skiing before you rent or buy a ski. Depending on whether you want to jump tricks or to drive on the slopes, different models are suitable. Of course, your own skiing ability is also a factor to decide which ski is right for you.

1.| For beginners, advanced and pleasure skiers at comfortable to medium speeds:

  • Easycarver: The skis for beginners. They forgive mistakes, can be easily turned and are usually relatively easy to carry. They are made for slow to medium speed and are driven relatively short.
  • Allroundcarver: A compromise ski that has neither special strengths nor weaknesses. They are a good choice for experienced beginners who are traveling at medium speed. They are driven in short or medium length.
  • All Mountain: Medium width skis that are suitable for both ski run and deep snow. Due to the width of the ski it has a lot of buoyancy and is comfortable to drive, but therefore is a little sluggish on the slopes.

2.| For confident drivers, professionals - fast pace and agile driving:

  • Crosscarver:  Moderate Racecarver, but not quite as hard and thus a little less power to drive.
  • High Performance MediumTurn: High-performance skis, which are structurally similar to slalom / racecarver. Interesting is the multi-radius concept, in which the sidecut corresponds to a slalom carver at the front, but at the back a racecarver. They should be driven at medium or high speed and be bought medium-long. 
  • High Performance LongTurn (Race-Carver): As the name implies: for all those who are very fast on the slopes. The ski is characterized by its stronger damping and higher weight and therefore has a high directional stability and smoothness. However, they must be driven with great effort, which is very exhausting in the long run.
  • High Performance ShortTurn (Slalom Carver): The ski for tight, fast turns. Due to its small radius, the ski makes every movement and ensures fast fun on the slopes. Because of the torsional rigidity, he also attacks perfectly on icy slopes.


3.| Off the slopes

  •  Freeride: Very wide skis, that feel most comfortable in deep snow. Due to the width of up to 120 mm, the boards float on top and thus ensure a real surfing feeling in the snow. They are also available with bent ends of the ski and is then called "Twintip Backcountry" - so you can drive and land both forward and reverse, which is necessary for jumps.
  • Twintip-Freestyle: Relatively short skis, which which the fun in halfpipe and fun park is in the foreground. They are not too heavy and provided with a bent-up ski end, so that it can be driven backwards.
  • Ski touring: Ascent-oriented touring skis are as light as possible, yet wide enough not to sink in deep snow (mid-width approx. 75-85 mm). Downhill touring ski, however, are wider (85-95 mm), but also heavier. They have a rather large radius and are driven about body length.


Maybe you have already found a favorite ski in our listings. Please note, however, that this does not replace the advice of a ski expert in a sports shop. Only there the salespeople can individually refer to models and thereby note your preferences, size, weight, driving style etc.


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